Breather Fit

  • Hard storage travel case only
  • Great protection
  • Custom fit
  • Convenient design
  • Eco-friendly material


(5 customer reviews)

About Breather Fit Case

BREATHER FIT CASE │Hard Storage Travel Case Only │Designed for BREATHER FIT Hand-Held Inspiratory Expiratory Muscle Trainer

GREAT PROTECTION | Stylish and durable, prevents any damages from bumping or dropping. Your BREATHER FIT is kept clean and secure from the elements while traveling, at work, or around the home.

CUSTOM FIT | Designed especially for BREATHER FIT, your device fits tight and securely without being bulky or taking up extra room.

CONVENIENT DESIGN | Comfortable handheld portability with mesh pocket for accessories and durable strong smooth zipper for easy opening and closing.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL | Made of environmentally friendly high-density premium EVA for long-lasting performance and durability.

Product Description

The best RMT device deserves the best storage case. Introducing BREATHER FIT CASE, a hard storage case specifically to fit BREATHER FIT. Portable & easy to use. Take your RMT training anywhere.

  • Official Case for BREATHER FIT
  • Lightweight, Durable Materials
  • Train RMT Anywhere
  • Stylish, Durable, Convenient
  • Designed for BREATHER FIT
  • Safely Store BREATHER FIT

Product Details

Color: Black
Item Weight: 3.04 ounces
Shipping Weight:3.2 ounces
UPC: 865202000162


5 reviews for Breather Fit Case

  1. Daniel R – Vine Voice

    I got this to hold my USB flash drives and memory cards, not for whatever it’s intended to house. The case itself though is high quality and the materials look better than what you will normally find with the numerous storage cases found on Amazon for all kinds of things. Usually with those, the zipper always breaks or becomes un stitched in a couple months of heavy usage. This has a really nice felt type of liner and the outside is a smooth rubbery type of material. Impressed with the overall quality of this case.

  2. Rags

    Very secure case for my breathe fit. It goes every where with me.

  3. Gnemik

    This case matches exactly as described and depicted in the product details. It is well designed and appears to be constructed of premium materials. The soft suede like interior notes the care and concern that went into the design of this case.
    The bright orange trim makes it easy to locate this case. This visibility comes in handy when you stash the case inside a backpack or luggage (or even on a messy desk). The zipper is large but not unnecessarily so, again fitting perfectly with the size and design of this case.
    Inspection of the case found no defects, no flaws, no scratches/scuffs. I don’t want to sound too overwhelmed by a case, but this was just done right.
    My sister noticed the case and wants one for her diabetic testing kit, saying the hard case would be perfect size and really protect the contents, especially inside a duffel or suitcase.
    Attached are photos to show real world images, with a ruler for size reference. Took pictures quickly before my sister finds a way to claim ownership.
    Easily 5 star, with very high level recommendation.

  4. WT

    The black/orange case is an eye catching color. The case itself has a smooth finish instead of the fabric finish that I’ve seen on similar cases. It’s well formed and quite rigid to provide ample protection to it’s contents. The internal dimensions are 6″ long, 1.5″ deep (wide) and 2″ high (tall). Well made and very nice.

  5. M

    I started using these small cases with velvet lining for my flash drives and small external hard drives. The one in the pic is holding a small dog repeller. Highly recommended

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BREATHER FIT case is a single patient use device. As such, returns of working devices are not accepted.

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