For 40 years, PN Medical has been helping people worldwide improve their respiratory health and performance with a dedication to evidence-based science, cutting-edge research, and innovative product development. PN Medical has enabled more than 1.28 million people to breathe better, including those who want to decrease the burden of chronic illness or achieve a higher level of human performance without drugs.

THE BREATHER, invented in 1980 by respiratory therapist Peggy Nicholson, broke new ground as the first respiratory muscle training device of its kind. It is endorsed by clinicians who provide Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) worldwide as an effective way to treat respiratory, cardiac and neuromuscular impairments.

PN Medical is now developing digital devices, software and prototypes to move the company into the next phase of its evolution. New technologies and solutions that push the barriers of human performance in sports, on the field of battle and in the boardroom are now being tested in special operations units and at leading hospitals. Those solutions soon will be offered to the general public.

In late 2019, PN Medical launched Breather University, designed for clinicians, trainers, coaches and the people they serve. Breather University’s promise is to provide people with new cardiopulmonary research, accredited certifications, education, insight and resources to move healthcare and human performance forward for all of us.


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By Beth Galvin    |    Health    |    FOX 5 Atlanta

ATLANTA – Wearing cotton face masks is quickly becoming the new “normal” for many of us.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people age 2 and older wear cloth facial coverings in public settings in which staying 6 feet apart from others is difficult.

By Al Donato

Fidgeting, discomfort, forgetfulness, or just plain boredom are all very valid reasons why kids may have a hard time keeping their face masks on, much to the chagrin of their parents or caregivers.

By Angela Melero
Aug. 4, 2020

In addition to day-to-day work routines and social interactions (and life in general), for many, the recent pandemic has taken its toll on your fitness regimen. With the closing of gyms and workout studios across the country, everyone’s getting creative with how they get their exercise in. For some, that means taking sessions outside, whether that include long hikes, park yoga, or outdoor running.

By Renee Cherry
July 17, 2020

Here’s everything you need to know about selecting a workout face mask, plus six of the best options.

FRI JUL 17, 2020

PN Medical’s sole purpose is to help millions of people sustain or reach their respiratory potential without pharmacologicals. The company has 40 years of experience in respiratory health. The Breather, invented in 1980 by respiratory therapist Peggy Nicholson, broke new ground as the first respiratory muscle training device of its kind.

By Jane E. Brody
June 15, 2020


PN Medical has conducted studies with patients in the pulmonary and speech fields, pro athletes, military special operations, and general public.

Later in 2020, new studies will be published from institutions such as Mayo Clinic, Rockhurst. Others include: sleep studies, tri-athletes, musicians, speech patients, corporate wellness, and the military.

COPD News Today
August 25, 2016

PN Medical and Orbita have formed a partnership to use Orbita’s digital platform with its own products to enable clinicians to better monitor and support patients with COPD.

By Matthew Richardson
Staff writer, Orlando Business Journal
Oct 8, 2015

Mark Carbone, CEO of PN Medical, is creating an advanced medical device where users breathe into a handheld tool that sends medical stats directly to a smartphone app and also to medical therapists at hospitals.


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