• Builds breath support
  • Improve vocal strength
  • Extend vocal range
  • Increase breath stability
  • Decrease respiratory fatigue
  • Scientifically proven
  • Customizable training


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About Breather Voice

It is an innovative Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) device designed to improve breath support for performance including strength, range and stability. This new device is based on 40 years of clinical success from The Breather and professional athletes using the Breather Fit. BREATHER VOICE and the accompanying BREATHER COACH app are for professional and amateur vocalists, instrumentalists, & professional speakers & actors. You can notice benefits within the first week of use.

Performance Benefits


  1. Improve vocal strength
  2. Extend vocal range
  3. Increase breath support
  4. Increase breath stability
  5. Generates improved airflow through vocal folds
  6. Improves resonance and timbre
  7. Reduces shortness of breath
  8. Decrease respiratory fatigue
  9. Increase lung capacity
  10. Assists in airway clearance

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Breather Voice: A General Protocol
Breather Voice: Training Journal


6 reviews for Breather Voice

  1. Patrick Regan

    Progressively enhances your breathing skills for singing. I have used this device for about 2 weeks. I found this breathing exerciser to be quite useful. I started out just barely able to do the lower levels but have increased to about 5/6 of the way through the increasing levels of difficulty. I really like this breathing trainer offers increasing levels of difficulty partly because increasing the level up one notch makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.

  2. amazon customer

    Great product. I have the original Breather and saw this one was available. This item is so rewarding and relaxing. Helps with Diaphragmatic breathing which in turn gives all of your organs and cells more oxygen. Feels great when you use it and helps in meditation. Highly recommend

  3. Johnny

    Our family pulmonologist shared with us that this product can help strengthen respiratory response. So rather than to augment our (fantastic!) singing voices, it also has wonderful potential in coordination with your physician’s advice for asthma or other respiratory challenges. It’s small, non-intimidating, and thus far a great daily exerciser.

    PS-Didn’t mean to brag about the singing. I hear myself in the shower and assume it’s alright since none of the tiles are (yet) falling off the wall!

  4. Shannon Zolar

    My daughter is a singer and finds this useful. I have a daughter who attends performing arts school. She is very gifted but power behind her voice is one of her struggles. This little tool is helping her learn better air control which is the key for sure. It seems to be well made, light weight and easy to use. I didn’t see a little carry bag which would have been helpful, but other than that – it is pretty cool.

  5. ETalerico

    Easy to use, great app for instruction and progress tracking, durably made!. I’ve been using this breath trainer for about a week now, along with the software application that I downloaded to my iPad – the exercises are easy to accomplish but useful, and the breath trainer is sturdy and simple to use. I have had some problems with my voice (I sing for a living, so its a big deal to me!) and this breather has helped me to regain some of the control and strength I was accustomed to. I look forward to seeing what long term use will do!

  6. Joseph J. Carter

    You should train your lungs. We have all these gadgets and weights to train your muscles but you don’t see things to train your lungs.
    I am a pretty dedicated work out fanatic so it only makes since to me to also train your lungs which granted they get some training when you are pushing yourself cardiovascularly but this is a tool that is designed to specifically strengthen your lungs.
    At the time writing the review they offer three varieties the regular, fit and the voice. From my understanding the regular has some lower resistance so that is great for people having COPD issues where the fit and voice have higher resistance and in reality I am not sure if there is much difference in the voice and fit other than the training program is a little different.
    Speaking of training programs they have a nice website with videos and an app you can download that is really well done, it will track your progress and give you visual queues on the entire process… the best of all this training does not take that long at all were talking less than 10 mins a day
    There are 6 resistance levels on the Inhale and 5 resistance levels on the excel, in a matter of a few weeks I have already worked my way up to level 4 on both levels so happy with the progress and definitely keeping this in my daily routine.

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Tech Specs

RANGE: -335 cmH2O to +250 cmH2O
SETTINGS: 6 Inspiratory, 5 Expiratory
DIMENSIONS: 129x43x46mm
WEIGHT: 1.6 oz
USE: Single User Device
LIFESPAN: Up to 2 yrs under normal conditions


The Voice is a single patient use device. As such, returns of working devices are not accepted.
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