Learn how to incorporate respiratory muscle training (RMT) in your TELEHEALTH live or synchronous sessions
Interview with two scientists about evidence-based practices regarding immunity and COVID-19
Whether you are a patient, simply looking after yourself and your body or pushing the limits as an athlete, RMT helps you to provide your body with the oxygen it needs to work at its best, making you feel your best.
The Breather is a drug free evidence-based respiratory muscle training device used by patients and non-patients alike to improve respiratory, speech and swallow functions.
Breather Training
Download our latest clinical studies and case reports
Clinical Studies
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Breather University was designed BY clinicians, scientists, and human performance experts FOR clinicians, trainers, and coaches and the people they serve. Its promise is to provide people with new cardiopulmonary research, accredited certifications, education, insight and resources to move healthcare and human performance forward for all of us.

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