We create cardiopulmonary devices, conduct research and provide continuing education that is evidence based and outcome driven.


We have a single purpose: to help millions of people sustain or reach their cardiopulmonary potential without pharmacologicals.


Since 1980, PN Medical has been helping people worldwide improve their respiratory health and performance. With a dedication to evidence-based science and cutting-edge research, the company has been breaking new ground for 40 years, as a trusted source of innovative products and education. PN Medical has enabled more than 1.28 million people to breathe better, including those who want to decrease the burden of chronic illness or achieve a higher level of human performance without drugs.

THE BREATHER, invented in 1980 by respiratory therapist Peggy Nicholson, broke new ground as the first respiratory muscle training device of its kind, designed to provide both inspiratory and expiratory training independent of each side of the breath. The Breather is endorsed by clinicians who provide Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) worldwide as an effective way to treat respiratory, cardiac, and neuromuscular impairments.

In 2015, Peggy handed the reins of PN Medical over to Mark A. Carbone, with the request that the company continue to put patients and clinicians first. Mark, who has a technology background, has honored that request. He immediately started developing digital health devices and software to move the company into the next phase of its evolution. He worked with Advent Health to develop early prototypes in 2015.

In early 2017, the PN Medical team met with professional athletes, special operations units from the U.S. military and corporate executives about new ways of pushing the barriers of human performance in sports, on the field of battle and in the board room, without the use of drugs. Since then, PN Medical has been working to develop new technologies and solutions that are now being tested in special operations units and at leading hospitals. Those solutions soon will be offered to the general public.

In late 2019, PN Medical launched Breather University, designed by clinicians, scientists and human performance experts for clinicians, trainers, coaches and the people they serve. Breather University’s promise is to provide people with new cardiopulmonary research, accredited certifications, education, insight, and resources to move healthcare and human performance forward for all of us.

In the present reality of COVID-19, PN Medical is utilizing its 40 years of expertise to marshal new research and share education and protocols regarding the proper use of masks, offering solutions that help people breathe better while wearing them. The company recently launched an investigation into the breathing impact of the types of masks millions of us are now using. Early research has led PN Medical to develop new guidance on avoiding potential respiratory effects related to each mask type.


Mark A Carbone

Chief Executive Officer

Christy Tagye, OTR/L

Chief Operations Officer

Sigfredo Aldarondo, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Mickey Pittman

VP Human Performance

Cleat Simmons

Chief Legal Officer

Nina Bausek, PhD

Chief Scientist

Bruce Johnson, Ph.D.

Heart & Lung, Science Board

Susan Carbone

Gov Regulations Director

Peggy Nicholson, MPH, RRT

Founder of PN Medical

Wendy Underwood

COTA/L, RAC-CT, Director of Breather University

Elizabeth (Betsy) Page

MA, CCC/SLP, Master Clinician

Brenda Parkhurst

Brenda Parkhurst, RN MSN RAC-CT

Nursing Clinical Content Contributor

Dr Tom Berlin

Thomas Berlin, DHSc, MSc, RRT

Respiratory Expert, Science Board

Robert Arnold, SLP.D, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS

Speech Pathology, Science Board

Joe Kittinger, Col (Ret)

High Altitude, Science Board


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