Our Story

Since 1980, PN Medical has been helping the world breathe a little easier

The leadership at PN Medical made a simple promise to patients more than 38 years ago: We promised to help them breathe better. Since then we’ve helped more than a million people regain healthier lives and better breathing through respiratory muscle training (RMT).

The Breather, invented in 1980 by respiratory therapist Peggy Nicholson, broke new ground as the first respiratory muscle training device of its kind. Uniquely designed to provide both inspiratory and expiratory muscle training, The Breather was designed to treat conditions such as COPD, Asthma, Stroke, CHF, Parkinsons and Dysphagia. Since it was created, more than 60 patents have referenced The Breather’s simple yet effective design.

A new model of The Breather was introduced in 2017, re-designed by therapists for improved clinical benefits. The Breather’s independent dial system is easier now to adjust, allowing for highly targeted training protocols, and the refined mouthpiece results promotes a superior lip seal.

Along the way, non-patients also wanted to achieve the benefits that RMT with The Breather made in people’s lives: Adults interested in healthy aging; athletes wanting to take their training and performance to the next level; singers and musicians looking for better breath control; and parents wanting to improve their sedentary adolescents’ and teens’ mental and physical well-being.

So we developed Breather Fit for the active, healthy adult.

Now everyone can enjoy improved health & fitness, increased stamina, better oxygenation for muscle recovery, less pain, deeper relaxation and sharper thinking, as well as the peace and mindfulness that comes from training your body to breathe properly with respiratory muscle training. Now everyone can work hard, breathe easy.


Mark A Carbone

Chief Executive Officer

Ramzy Suhweil

Chief Operations Officer

Sigfredo Aldarondo, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Cleat Simmons

Chief Legal Officer

Nina Bausek, PhD

Chief Scientist

Susan Carbone

Gov Regulations Director

Peggy Nicholson, MPH, RRT

Chief Clinical Officer

Stefan Herzberg

International Advisor