The Effect of RMT on Respiratory Muscle Diseases

Respiratory muscle weakness
is the underlying reason for dyspnea and limited exercise capacity in a wide range of diseases, which can be classified as respiratory muscle diseases. These include the obvious respiratory disorders such as COPD, asthma, and sleep apnea, but also less intuitive conditions such as heart failure, neuromuscular diseases, obesity, and diabetes.

Respiratory muscle training (RMT) is an evidence-based, effective method to treat the core of all respiratory muscle diseases, but is lacking widespread medical recognition and utilization. A recent article published at the annual conference of the European Respiratory Society explains the problems associated respiratory muscle weakness and the benefits of RMT by measurable improvements and patient responses. The article highlights the unique position of RMT in alleviating dyspnea and improving exercise capacity across diseases, and provides a glimpse into the future of RMT and telehealth.  Please view or print White Paper.

Reproduced with permission of the European Respiratory Society ©