Looking to smash through your performance plateau? Podium potential awaits. Not hitting the weights, times, or distances you know you’re capable of? Join us for the virtual Breather Fit training and learn techniques used by the pros—the secret to pushing past your peak.

In this new virtual training program, you’ll learn from nationally-known sports performance coach, Zack Kramer and Chief Scientist Dr. Nina Bausek how Breather Fit gives athletes an edge by:

  • Increasing stamina by 11% for pushing harder in the last mile
  • Improving cardio output by 21% for record-breaking speed
  • Decreasing perceived exertion by 18% for increased resilience



This virtual training is for any motivated athlete seeking to maximize their abilities and reach the highest levels of performance. Whether you’re an amateur with podium dreams or a pro pushing your limits, you’ll discover techniques to break through plateaus and realize your championship potential.



  • How to tap into untapped energy reserves for record-breaking stamina
  • The secret to faster muscle recovery for relentless training
  • Advanced respiratory methods for increased VO2 max and power
  • Tools to bulletproof your body against declines for sustained dominance
  • Insider techniques from elites for finding your flow state
  • Cutting-edge breathing protocols for ice-cold mental focus

The time has come to maximize your potential and redefine your athletic performance.


JAN 23, 2024

3:00 PM EST

JAN 23, 2024

3:00 PM EST


Coach Zack Kramer, CSCS, CFL3, FRC
Master Clinician

Coach Zack Kramer’s journey into strength and conditioning began during his college football career. His passion for this field led him to dive headfirst into the world of fitness, become a coach, and open his own gym. During this time, Zack discovered the profound benefits of functional breathing for both his physical and mental well-being. This personal revelation ignited a passion for incorporating breathing techniques and mobility exercises into the training programs he offered his athletes. Zack’s coaching experience is extensive, covering a wide spectrum of athletes, including collegiate and professional competitors in sports such as swimming, golf, MMA, weightlifting, and CrossFit. Through breath coaching and training these athletes consistently experience improved performance tailored to their specific goals.

Dr. Nina Bausek, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist

Nina Bausek is a graduate of the University of Vienna. She developed her scientific and leadership skills doing research and teaching at the University of Oxford and the University of Sheffield in the UK. She excels as a biologist and geneticist and has been granted funding from Cancer Research in the UK. Her findings have been published in International Journals. She worked in the areas of fertility, immunology and oncology as a researcher. She serves as Chief Scientist for PN Medical.

*This is not medical advice. It reinforces using Breather Fit and respiratory muscle training to boost athletic abilities.