Over the years, we’ve found that this protocol serves as a solid foundation for you in your progress over the upcoming months and years. If you currently have a therapist, please share this course with them. They can personalize it as needed to fit the treatment plan they’ve designed for you.

Things to Remember:

A rep is a full breath in and out. For example, if you inhale and exhale, that’s one rep. A set is the number of reps done in a row. A session is the number of sets completed in each sitting.

We recommend that you train six days a week. You pick which six. Each day you’ll have two sessions – one in the morning and one at night.

Each session will consist of two sets and 10 reps per set. That equals 20 reps in the morning and 20 reps in the evening. So by the end of each day, you will have completed 40 total reps using The Breather.

Finding the right setting is all about trial and error. About once a week, try out increased resistance. You may find you’re ready to increase only the inhale setting or just the exhale setting at one time.

There may be times where you’ll have a break from using your Breather, such as during illness. When you are ready to resume training, you may find you need to decrease your resistance settings. Relax, this is normal. You will build your resistance and reps again just as you did before.

If at any moment you are unsure, remember there are downloadable materials, including the detailed clinical version of the Patient Protocol, your Training Checklist, and a Daily Journal. All of these materials and more are available on the sidebar to the right of the screen.

Advanced protocols are available for Therapist use. Contact [email protected] for more details.