Breather Fit is an evidence-based drug-free device built on 40 years of clinical experience from the original breather. Invented by Respiratory therapist, Peggy Nicholson, the breather has helped over a million people. Breather Fit is a newer and stronger version of the original.

The Breather Fit is designed for athletes and professionals wanting to increase their physiological performance. When the intensity of your exercise increases, breathing automatically becomes faster to keep up with the muscles increased demand for oxygen. By strengthening your respiratory muscles you can increase the amount of oxygen flowing into your muscles.

Most people stop exercising when they reach their limit, because they are out of breath. Their lungs tire before their muscles actually do. Strengthening respiratory muscles delays this point of exhaustion helping you reach new performance heights. Unlike most breath trainers Breather Fit is a respiratory muscle training device that trains both inspiratory and expiratory muscles independently.

Breathing against resistance during RMT activates and strengthens respiratory muscles improving peak performance and stamina.