In this special on-demand webinar with Rachel Vickery, BHSc (Physiotherapy), MHSc, she explains and demonstrates how to control the nervous system arousal state and physical performance through breath retraining for high-pressure situations.


This webinar is for athletes, coaches, physical therapists, fitness advisors, and the fitness community, because it focuses on enhancing sports performance through respiratory muscle training.


  1. Learn how elite athletes master breathing mechanics for optimal performance.
  2. Discuss common inefficiencies in breathing patterns and their negative impact on breathing.
  3. Explore strategies to improve breathing for physical and mental performance.
  4. Investigate the impact of respiratory muscle training on breathing function and performance.
  5. Ask us anything at the end during Q&A



Rachel Vickery
BHSc (Physiotherapy), MHSc

Rachel Vickery is a Human Behaviour and High-Performance Consultant, a qualified High-Performance Sports Physiotherapist, and a Former International Gymnast. Rachel optimizes performance, culture, communication, and resilience in high-pressure, high-stress, and high-stakes scenarios. She consults with Professional and Elite athletes, coaches, and organizations; and other high-performance arenas, including C-suite execs, trauma, emergency medical personnel, elite military teams, and tactical professionals as examples.

In the sports world, Rachel has worked with individuals and teams in the NBA (Golden State Warriors USA), the NRL (Melbourne Storm and Sydney Roosters), the AFL (Brisbane Lions and Adelaide Crows), and numerous National, Olympic, and World Champion level athletes, coaches, and organizations from NZ, Australia, and the USA. She is a performance ambassador for the global Leaders in Sport organization. Rachel was an elite Gymnast on the New Zealand team for six years (Commonwealth Games and World Championships) before qualifying as a Sports Physiotherapist, then adding a few more qualifications to the toolkit to transition to her current field.

In her spare time, Rachel has co-founded two digital health care start-ups and has been a Director of a state sports organization.

Dr. Nina Bausek
PN Medical Chief Scientist

Nina Bausek is a graduate of the University of Vienna. She developed her scientific and leadership skills through research and teaching at the University of Oxford and the University of Sheffield in the UK. She excels as a biologist and geneticist and has been granted funding from Cancer Research in the UK. Her findings have been published in International Journals. She worked in the areas of fertility, immunology, and oncology as a researcher. She serves as Chief Scientist for PN Medical.