• Higher effectiveness due to respiratory muscle isolation

  • Decreased pressure on unrelated muscle groups (jaw muscles)

  • Improved comfort

  • Reduced risk of air leakage due to tighter lip seal

  • Stimulates muscle network around the lips (obicularis oris)

  • May increase lip and cheek strength during RMT


The mouthpiece of your Breather Fit is designed for optimal effectiveness during your respiratory muscle training. The oval shape of the mouthpiece allows for a tight lip seal to prevent air leakage while training.  While flanged, scuba-style mouthpieces sit between your teeth, the mouthpiece of Breather Fit is held with your lips only, preventing undue jaw pressure. This prevents any deviation of impact and improves the isolation of your respiratory muscles for highly focused muscle activation.  Optimal increases in performance derive from the increased power output of the diaphragm and accessory breathing muscles. The ergonomically designed mouthpiece of Breather Fit concentrates on the recruitment of these muscle groups.


Each Breather Fit comes with a 15/22mm alternative mouthpiece. It can be used by people with smaller mouths.

Upon approval from your clinician, you, your coach, trainer, or therapist can benefit from the alternative mouthpiece as well.  Contact us at [email protected] to be directed to someone for more information about the mouthpiece and alternative mouthpiece.

IMPORTANT NOTE – You must consult with your clinician and get approval before attempting to connect the alternative mouthpiece to any apparatus.