Join special guests, Kevin Longoria, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, & Dr. Nina Bausek, Geneticist and Chief Scientist as they dive into science-based ways to boost your immune system, increase your respiratory strength, and de-stress your mind.


The amount of information flooding your life about COVID-19 is most likely more than you would ever want to know. Yet that information is affecting your life and the choices you make every day. The problem is though, a lot of what you see, hear and read may be either inaccurate, fear-driven or lack evidence.

Let us help you clear the fog and lower your stress as our special guests and experts share some practical ways to strengthen what’s at the highest risk right now: the health of your lungs.


  1. Practical ways to strengthen your immunity and respiratory muscles
  2. The effect stress has on your immune system
  3. Effective and proven stress relief methods
  4. How to maintain a healthy body and mind while in quarantine
  5. What is pulmonary health and how to improve it
  6. How data can help you notice early signs of a compromised immune system


Nina Bausek

MSc, PhD

Dr. Bausek is a geneticist and the Chief Scientist for PN Medical. She has worked in the areas of fertility, immunology, and oncology as a researcher. She’s also developed her scientific and leadership skills doing research and teaching at the University of Oxford and the University of Sheffield in the UK. She’s based in Vienna, Austria.

Kevin Longoria


Kevin is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and the Chief Science Officer at Biostrap. His expertise lies in the field of health and performance restoration and optimization which has led him to work with populations ranging from client’s with severely compromised health to elite athletes. Additionally, Kevin’s passion for research & education has led to a role as an international public educator for health & fitness professionals.

Klaudia Balogh

Health Journalist

Klaudia is a health journalist and international news correspondent in the USA and Europe. With her passion for wellbeing and storytelling, Klaudia enjoys staying up to date on the latest health innovations whether it’s health optimization, cognitive and physical fitness, or biohacking. In her spare time, she organizes events with the Biohackers Collective in Los Angeles and spends time creating content to help others understand and improve their health.

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